Flower Letters File Folder


 I used my personal computer to create a flower design and added letters to the flower design.

I colored each flower with a different color using the colored pencil for each letter and I colored both upper and lower case number the same color. When P3 is older, he will match the letters but he will also match the correct color to each flower. Now he will match similar colors to one another.

Once I colored the lower case, I cut them out and glued them to the file folder. I used clear packing tape to cover the whole file folder this will help keep the folder intact the more P3 uses it. Then I cut out the uppercase letters and put them through the laminator. I cut them in circles instead of cutting close to the pedals. I used Velcro on the file folder and each flower. I put the hook side on the file folder and the soft side on the flowers.

I am debating on adding staples to the Velcro so that when he takes them off the doesn’t pull off the other side. On the back I will add a zip lock baggie to put the flowers inside.

Future Work: I am working on a shape file folder activity, balls file folder activity, and fruit/veggies file folder activity.

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