Toddler Moment #1

I love being a mom. I knew that one day I would be a mom and I wouldn’t suck at it. I know I have my moments and I know I need an attitude change from time to time. I plan on showing real moments in the life of my 2.5-year-old. While I was getting the video ready to post my child laid on me and said “I love you.” As all toddlers he has his sweet moments, and he has those moments where I really consider giving him away. 
That toy became a thorn in my side. He wouldn’t stop messing with the four buttons that finally it stopped working. I will admit I was happy to see this toy go, only because it drained batteries pretty quickly. I enjoyed laying on the floor with both my boys as we watched the stars on the ceiling. I looked into getting a replacement but I need to find one that turns off when it’s not being used. 

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