Breaking Out 1

I could spend hours writing about why I have done certain things through my whole life. I will spare you all those details. We moved back to the town we first met and ever since I have been taking an inventory of what we own and why I have this desire to keep a lot of stuff. When we first got married, I believed that to have a nice house you had to have lots of furniture and it all had to match. Our apartment was filled with Ikea and truth be told we still have a lot of pieces from this establishment. We agreed on a design and I set out to get all the pieces. I had to have the matching living room set and the matching bedroom set. 

When we got out of consumer debt, the first thing we brought was our bed and bed frame. We didn’t go into debt to buy these pieces. Over time, we would buy a new piece to complete one of these two sets. When we moved to a new town, we had two tall bookshelves, an entertainment center, and a coffee table. We planned to buy the pieces that goes between the bookshelves to complete the entertainment center. I wanted to get side tables for the couch at some point. Then in our bedroom we had the bed, two end tables, and a long dresser. We even brought the dresser for our son’s room to match all the other pieces and planned to buy the twin bed to go with it once he was old enough. I had a mission, and I would complete it.

When we moved into our new space, we had a lot more room but we used the living room as a hang out room which then morph into a play area for our son. In doing this we had the tv down in the den and there was not enough space to set up the two bookshelves and the entertainment center the way we have done it in the past. The den was takenup by the coffee table. It didn’t take long for us to get rid of the coffee table which meant getting rid of the set I worked so hard to complete. Then over time we realized we didn’t even use the entertainment center anymore, and I barely used the den. I sold the entertainment center towards the end of living at the house (I didn’t know it was coming to that at the time).

Fast Forward to our current location. We didn’t move all at once because we couldn’t get out of the lease so we moved all the furniture to the new place but I slowly brought stuff out to the new place. I didn’t do it as often as I thought I would and in doing so I didn’t give myself the proper time to get rid of stuff. Every time I came back I had a van full of stuff and it sickened me with how much stuff I felt we needed to keep. I would bring it home and unpack it right away. I am not sure how many loads I ended up bringing but by the end our basement was full and we had stuff in every closet. No matter how hard I tried, the basement never stayed clean and I still have a stack of empty bins. Everything was where it needed to be but not everything had a home.

I was feeling overwhelmed with all the clothes I had to wash and put away on a weekly basic. I was disappointment in myself because I thought I did really well but reality was we had so much stuff we were still swimming in stuff. I watched videos about this minimalist lifestyle I have been hearingabout over the last few years. I had no interested because I knew that if I didn’t work on why I kept so much stuff no matter what method I used it wouldn’t last. This kept me boxed in and it trapped me in this mindset. I couldn’t take steps because I HAD to figure it out first. The thing was, I wasn’t doing anything to figure it out. I used it as an excuse from even considering it. Now I’m staying home with the boys I have a lot more time to reflex. I know I need to get rid of stuff for myself but I wanted to show my husband I have changed.

Now I’m branching out doing this blog I will get out from under all the stuff we own. I will try to read books and watch videos. I will become open to this idea of downsizing. As our family is growing and our space is smaller than we had at the old location. I need to learn to live and be content in this space. I need to get rid of everything we don’t need. I already took the steps to break the living room set and now it may be time to get rid of the other sets. One step at a time. 

What what the moment in your life that made you decide to break out of your own way of thinking? How have you taken steps to change?

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