Downsizing Clothes

I took another step to getting rid of items. I started in our bedroom and downsize all the clothes. I finally got rid of all the items that my husband never wears and/or he forgot he owned. I asked him if he wanted to look over what I had gotten rid of and he told me “If I don’t see it I won’t miss it.” This is only the start of the never ending battle over clothes. I am downsizing the boy’s clothes but there are still plenty of bins that have not gotten the purge yet. I am wondering once I really downsize if I will combine more clothes into one bin. I keep thinking if we have a girl I don’t even want to think about all the bins we will have down in the basement. The space has to get worse before it gets better. Once enough time has passed, I will do an update on how downsizing the clothes have worked for our family. Trial and errand. 

What are some ways that you have implemented to help downsize your clothes? What resources have you used to help you take that first step? Have you kept the system or have you given in to your old ways?

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