Pool Noodle Lacing


Dollar Store Purchase:
Pool Noodle x2
Shoe Laces

Hardware Store:

Random Items:
Lacing Shapes (I had these in storage)

It’s amazing what a person can create to help a little mind grow and explore at a cheap store such as the Dollar Store. I bought two pool noodles, and I bought the saw (not at the Dollar Store) for another project but figured this tool would work great for this lacing project. I cut each piece at a random size. I didn’t care what size each piece as long as there was a variety of sizes. Once I cut both noodles, I pulled out the shoe laces and helped P from getting frustrated when he goes to lace the noodles to provide a stopper at the end of each lace. In storage I had lacing cards for a preschooler and a variety of lacing shape blocks. I figured these would be a great stopper for the lacing. Once I was finished I added all the objects into P’s sensory table I created last summer.

Below in a link to the website I used to make the sensory table. One thing I did differently was I created two different size legs so I can make it taller as P grow. Plus, I could make this table for less but I believe it really depends on your location which determines the cost of the materials.

Sensory Table

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