Activities Bins

Dollar Tree: BinIce TrayLarge Tweezers The tweezers are a great fine motor activity. We can use the tray to sort the … More

Goodbye Dresser

I order a new toy shelf for the living room so I could get rid of a shelf with open … More

Habit vs. Laziness?

I would title the title of this blog Laziness. I got up to put my 2.5-year-old down to bed for … More

Object Matching

Dollar Store: Flash Cards Plastic Bins Random Items: Laminator Lamination Pouches Matching Objects (found throughout the house) I brought two … More

Homemade Blocks

I collected the weekly curricular and old papers¬†I would throw away. This is the stuffing I used to fill the … More

A Tiny Consumer

¬†Today I dressed my two boys and headed to the library in a different county. My goal was to a … More

Counting Cubes

Dollar Store:  Foam Cubes Plastic Container Large Notecard Random Items:  Laminator Laminator Pouches Pencils Ruler (18 inches) Crayons During a … More

Past Gifts Update

Once I wrote the last post titled Past Gifts, I took what I wrote to heart. I loaded up a … More