Poop Emoji

My child has a heck of a time pooping and it wares on me. I was sitting in the bathroom after two days of my child fighting his own poop I made him sit on his potty. When he sits he always seems to poop. I don’t know if it’s because of the position and/or a mental thing. He knows why we sit on the potty and he is ready to use it but he is stubborn. I sat there, and he got up and there was just a small amount but it was enough to make him happy. I looked down and was glad he kind of pooped but I realized in that moment I don’t understand why people love that Emoji. I had a conversation with an adult the other day and apparently the two adults used to or still sends each other poop pictures. These are two grown and very intelligent people. Why on God’s green earth are you sending pictures of your poop? This conversation started because apparently one of them and their family will send poop pictures. It’s their sense of humor. 

I remember when I was in junior high and South Park put out an episode about Mr. Hankey the Christmas poo. I am ashamed that I remember this but proud that I had to look up the official name because I couldn’t remember. I thought it was funny but I think only because my mom and step dad loved that show. When I could watch it I felt like I hit the jackpot. Now I look back and was like, really? What was wrong with me? I am not putting down anyone who watches that show. To each their own but I use this as an example of people’s obsession with poop. 

I don’t know if it’s because of the stage of life I’m in but I have two children in diapers. I watch two additional children are in diapers. Then for the last three days I have a dog who has diarrhea and I have to clean up after him three to four times a day. This does not include my poop I mean thankfully I can use the toilet, and that’s it but even I have to deal with it. Then when the toilet gets clogged by the big person in the house, I am usually the one who has to use the plunger. I have had it with poop!

One thing other parents don’t tell you before having kids is how much you talk about your child poop. I find myself even when I’m not changing my child diaper. I still look to see what I need to give him to help soften his poop or give him to make it a little more solid. You will never find me using that Emoji and what even worse is people can buy items with it on it. I get pooping is a natural thing and trust me I know the fear of pooping after giving birth. It’s not fun and I’m thankful we live in a time with indoor plumbing. I guess I’m considered a prune because this is not funny and I would most likely stop being friends with someone if they sent me pictures of their poop. Ok that is extreme but they would lose messaging privileges is for sure.

Now I have took time to write a blog about poop I guess I should go check diapers and let the dog out. Yay!!! 

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