A Tiny Consumer

 Today I dressed my two boys and headed to the library in a different county. My goal was to a get a library card to use an app to have access to the digital library. I later learned that I could not access the app because this is a secondary card. While we were at the library, I came across three books to a book series I have wanted to get my husband. This kicked started a hunt that took us to two thrift stores and two used bookstores.

 I honestly don’t enjoy going shopping with my boys. My 2.5-year-old will ask to walk and if I don’t let him it’s a meltdown. Now before you judge me I am not afraid of my child crying, screaming, or throwing a tantrum. I will not be afraid to go out in public because my not fully developed child doesn’t like my answer to his request. I allowed him at both stores to walk and we had minor meltdowns. When we were at the second store I had to pick him up because I couldn’t explain to my child why he couldn’t keep showing me the lighthouses. I found a book at each location but the downsize is my child walked out of the stores with an item at both locations. Here I am trying to get rid of stuff and I let my child get two things he could have lived without.

Wait!?! When did I become THAT parent? The one I judged at one point. I’m judging myself but why do I do this? My husband is the person who usually will buy something at every place we go. I know he plays a part in this pattern. We went to the mall and to avoid our 2.5-yr-old from having yet another meltdown in the sport good store. My husband brought him a ball he hasn’t touched since we brought it home from the mall. Every time my mom is in town he gets more toys than he “needs” or another blanket.  We stopped at the two used bookstores then headed home. 

Fast forward to the evening when I put the boys back into the car to run to the grocery store but right next to the store is Goodwill. I put my child in a cart without him protesting. He left that store with a number book. *sigh* I failed at this again. I want to get rid of things but my bigger issues is I am creating a tiny consumer. I mean I knew it was bad after he opened the gifts from his grandparents and asked for more. He doesn’t understand the habits and expectation I have allowed to set root into his formative mind. I have given him the expectation he will get something at the store. I mean heck the grocery store I go on a regular basic typically has a bin filled with 97 cents Hot Wheel cars when we’re about to checkout. Really!?! Why???

 I have decided if I can avoid taking my children to the store I will implement this into my normal lifestyle. I know there will be times this isn’t possible but now I have signed up for a yearly VIP subscription for my household supplies and I try to do a weekly grocery order that’s delivered to my front door. I should be able to avoid taking my child to the store, plus this will help me break the need to buy stuff. I know I can’t avoid teaching my child he will not get something every time to he goes out. I know I need to set good examples for my children; we need not buy things we don’t need. I’m working to break the habits I have created over the years. I sit here in my downsized living room and my not over stocked kitchen that everything has a spot. I am getting better, and I can clean up in no time. As his mother it’s my responsibility to teach him he need not get something every time we’re at the store, but that means I need to implement this in my life. 

How do you get around taking your child(ren) to the store?
How to you prevent your child from having a meltdown over not getting something they want? IMG_6962.HEIC copy.jpg 

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