Homemade Blocks

I collected the weekly curricular and old papers I would throw away. This is the stuffing I used to fill the random boxes I collected. I used pasta boxes, cereal boxes, toothpaste boxes, butter boxes, and more.

I filled the boxes with stuffing. The softer the box the more stuffing I put in.

Once the boxes were stuffed, I used packing tape to close up the boxes.
You will need the packing tape later on.

You can wrap of your choice. I have used Christmas wrapping paper, construction paper, and tissue paper. My favorite is brown packing paper I got from the Dollar Tree. You will need tape and some form of cutting device.

I wrapped all the boxes before moving on to the next step.

Each box can have different pictures on them. I have used a variety of materials. Stickers, family pictures, animal pictures, fruit pictures, feeling faces, shapes, colors, and more. I pulled from my craft resources and found pictures from online.

Once I cut and glued the pictures onto the boxes I used the packing tape to cover the whole box. This helps preserve the boxes and pictures. These are great for kids to stack and the visual are great for little learners.

Tip: Don’t overstuff the boxes because it’s harder to stack the blocks without them falling over.

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