Habit vs. Laziness?

I would title the title of this blog Laziness. I got up to put my 2.5-year-old down to bed for the night. I was writing this blog in my head as I walked up the stairs. The inspiration behind this blog is that the kitchen, dining area, and living room was a mess. I had no desire to put anything away tonight, and I was justifying it in my head. Typically, I try to go to bed with a clean space because we live in a such a smaller space and when you walk into the house, the first thing you see is the kitchen and the kitchen sink. I will be honest with you ever since I stopped living in other people’s homes I was never great at cleaning up the house before going to bed. I would listen to “normal” people and how they would always clean the dishes or load the dishwasher after dinner. I never said a word because I was too embarrassed to admit I was not one of those people. I left dishes in the sink because I could. I mean it could have been because I was lazy but a big part of it was because there was no “adult” around to tell me I had too. Unfortunately, my husband didn’t openly express his frustration but I think there was a part of him that didn’t care. I mean if you go down to his space in the basement you would understand what I mean. We were two people who did not take pride in having a well kept and clean space. Now before you judge me because you know you haven’t done that until this moment. I didn’t let it get gross. I “cleaned” all the time I left things go until the last minute. I wouldn’t leave food out but I would leave the soaking pot in the sink. I have stayed at a friends house when I was a preteen that her family left Friday’s dinner out on the dining room table all weekend. They shaved the dog and left the hair on the floor. This weekend stay was when I realized that I enjoyed the luxury of having a fitted and flat sheet on my bed. It’s amazing how when you go to write how a memory can come flooding back and I haven’t thought about that weekend stay in years. 

I put my 2.5-year-old in his bed and went to the bathroom to fill up his water cup. I had to walk over the few pieces of clothing that haven’t made it downstairs to the laundry basket. It was another reminder of how I would do nothing tonight. I am tired; I have yet another fever, my head hurts, and I’m just done with the day. I couldn’t wait to go downstairs to lie down and just relax. As if I haven’t been laying on the couch with my child as I play a video game and he watches a movie on the tablet. (I will write another blog about that topic) However, I knew I wasn’t able to go right to bed because I still needed to let the dog out so he could do his business. I went to the basement to get the dog and as I was waiting for him. I threw away the containers from dinner and the trash I created earlier on a project I worked on (which I completed and the finished project is leaning against the new shelf). I don’t know why but that kicked started my straightening up. The next thing I knew I was putting away stuff that was on the counter. I was gathering the few items that needed to go to the basement: two photo albums, the photo printer, the drill, and a gift bag. I moved the car seat to his home, put the diaper bag in it, and moved the blanket that needs to go to the bedroom on top. I cleaned the living room floor; I cleared the table of all trash and I put away the bill folder. I needed to spray the table and wipe but that is where I draw the line. I mean I said I would be lazy tonight and not clean. My husband will not be home until Sunday so I don’t have to worry. I let the dog back in and did what I needed to do for the dog. I told myself once again I would not do the dishes which really means putting them in the dishwasher. The kicker is the dishwasher has cleaned dishes and I don’t feel like putting them away. I wanted to be donebut one thing I hate more than washing my son bottles is having towash one in the middle of the night. 

I needed to put the dog in his crate because he would rather be in his crate then be leftupstairs with us. I don’t get this dog but whatever makes him happy. Since I was heading down to the basement anyway I took the pile down with me. I forgot to take the drill and gift bag so I left them upstairs. Oh well, I will have to go down tomorrow, anyway. I came back up and I still was on a cleaning kick. I was telling myself you can stop now. Just go wash the bottles. I grabbed the cleaning spray from under the sink and did the table. I then realized that I needed to wash the cover on the swing if I wanted to put my son in the swing tomorrow. I guess that means I have to take another trip to the basement. I remembered to take the last two items. While I was walking down the stairs I was thinking about how easy it was to clean up. I have read in multiple sources it takes 21 days to create a habit. I believe there is truth to this but what really stuck out is that it was easy to clean up because everything I touched had a home. I knew where it needed to go. I put the drill in the tool box and I put the gift bag in a bigger bag that holds my gift bags. The photo printer has a home on the black rack and the two photo albums are on the bookshelf. I moved the meds we had to use for all the fevers into the medicine cabinet in the half bath and I put all the dirty dishes on the side of the sink. I wish I could say that I was so motivated that I unloaded the dishwasher and put the dishes in the sink. I was not and they are still sitting on the counter. It would take me 10 minutes top to unload and reload (if that). I am not doing it. I know when I finally drag my butt out of bed tomorrow I will do the same thing I always do. I will make myself three eggs with cheese. While I wait for the eggs to cook on one side, I will unload the dishwasher. Then as the eggs progress I will load the dishwasher. There aren’t enough dishes to run it but it will be doneand by the time I sit down for breakfast I will have a clean counter and sink. Which won’t last long since I’m making dirty dishes and most likely my 2.5-year-old will ask for cereal and a sandwich. 

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