Goodbye Dresser

I order a new toy shelf for the living room so I could get rid of a shelf with open bins. The goal is to keep the dog from eating the toys when he is chilling in the living room. I was so motivated with downsizing I removed the four cubby shelf to see if I can manage having only selective toys in the new shelf. I wasn’t ready to get rid of the cubby shelf and I racked my brain for days trying to figure out what I should do with the shelf.

While putting away clothes I had a bright idea to use the shelf to store all the items we own that doesn’t go on hangers. I have a desire to get rid of the dresser and move all these items into the closet. One day I will design my closet and add shelves and drawers. This would limit the space we need and all the furniture we would have to move later down the road. I took a leap tonight and going to test this new system for a month. I really hope this works because I would love to see the large piece leave our home. 

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