Activities Bins

Dollar Tree: 
Ice Tray
Large Tweezers

The tweezers are a great fine motor activity. We can use the tray to sort the colors and just practice using the tweezers to work out the muscles in his hand.

Dollar Tree:
Plastic Bin

Flowers and Bugs

I brought these items for P3 spring sensory bin. I filled the bin with Easter grass, plastic eggs, plastic flowers, and plastic bugs. I changed out the bin for the pool noodles lacing activity but it’s still spring time.

Dollar Store:
Plastic Bin

Random Item:
Construction Vehicles and Dog (Christmas Gift)

P3 LOVES this bin. He calls it “Rockies” and he puts the rock in to the construction vehicle. I don’t leave him alone with this bin because the rocks are smaller and he loves to throw things in the air. 

Dollar Store:
Plastic Bin

Random Items:
Play-Doh (Walmart)
Play-Doh Tools (Yards sale and Easter Gift)

Play-duh is a great activity for a toddler because it helps their fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Right now this activity is only fun to P3 if an adult is sitting with him. He has attempted to use the roller and the scissors. I have a lot more cookie cutters in a different bin so I can switch out.

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