Instrument First Birthday Party


We discovered that our first-born child loved music. He would play with the instruments at school and he loved listening to all kinds of music. This inspired me to throw a musical instrument birthday party.

A child xylophone inspired the color palette.

Center Pieces: A variety of children’s musical instruments.

Birthday Banner: My Mother-in-Law made the banner and brought it to the party.

Tables: We covered the table with a red, blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, and purple tablecloth I brought at Walmart.

We order the cake at a local bakery and added a picture we loved. My mother-in-law created a cake for the smash cake. We held the party in the gym at my job and we had 75 people attend for the party.

Not pictured: I set up two activity tables for the older kids and brought a few of P3 toys for the younger kids. We provided a favor table that held a variety of items.


We held off giving him sugar until his 1st birthday. We quickly learned that he does not like his hands to be dirty. He was crying because no adult would wipe off his hands. We ended up giving him a fork to eat his cake.

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