Instant Pot!

If you have been following this blog or read any of my past post. I am attempting to become a minimalist and one of my goals is to get rid of stuff I don’t need. The other day I was telling my husband how I need to find a replacement handle for my crock pot which I have had for almost 10 years now. 


I think I got it when we first got married or shortly afterward. It still works, but it’s a pain to make food because I have to pull out an oven mitt and use flatware to open the lid to stir the food.  

(First world problem) 

I told him there is no need to buy a new one since it works just fine. The old me would have been like wait? The handle is broken I need to buy new. Then to justify it even more I would point out how it’s dented on the side and it’s over 10 years old.  I got online to find the model I have but guess what? I can’t find the handle that goes with it or an extra lid to replace it. Then again, like I said this model may be over 10 years old. I decided I will try to figure out a way to add a temporary handle so I don’t have to play MacGyver every time I want to cook in the crock pot. 

(Confession I have never watched MacGyverI know he is creative in using random objects.) 

Fast forward to a few days later I am watching one of the many minimalist videos on YouTube when one lady talked about how they got an Instant Pot. I have heard of an Instant Pot after one lady at my old job got one and she posted how quick meal planning was for her and her family. She raved about it but I had no desire to get one. Over the last few years I thought about looking into it but haven’t taken the time. The lady on the video explained how she got the Instant Pot and she could get rid of her crock pot and rice cooker. 

Wait? What? 

I could get one new item that apparently works wonder and get rid of two other items I’m storing? I will not run out and buy one but what I will do is research on which one would be best for my lifestyle. Then go on Amazon and add it to my Wish List that I created to help any family members with choosing a gift for me. I believe in one of my other post I talked about how some family members would have a hard time not giving a physical gift. Knowing this, I have created a Wish List of items that would be beneficial or replacing something I have had for a while. I can read reviews but I’m glad there is YouTube I’m better at watching stuff than reading. I’m not against reading I do it all the time but I keep more with a video. If I finally go down this route, I will write another blog about the journey. 

Do you have an instant pot? Did you get rid of other items, once you got your instant pot? How many do you have? How has this device change your life?

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