Yes, he was right.

This afternoon my husband and I had a rare moment where we got to go out and watch a movie. We went to see the new Marvel movie. We’re diehard Marvel fans (movies) and have seen every movie in theater. We even did a marathon in a theater where we watched all the movies that lead up to the second Avengers. We took a pillow and blanket. It was one of the best experience I have ever had. Now we have two children and one on the way there is no way I could do the theater experience. 

During the credits P2 said he wanted to buy all the other movies digitally. I made a comment about how expensive that would be and he told me it would be cheaper than a MacBook. (He is considering upgrading his MacBook.) I laughed and told him that is a good point. I told him if we wanted to watch all the movies before the new one we could manage without buying all of them. We own a few on DVD/Blu-ray and we could find some on other media sources. He said we would own them digitally. Then asked if we could get rid of the hard copy. I told him I agreed because that is the plan to get all movies from iTunes and I reminded him I told him not that long ago that I plan to give my mom the hard copies. He then reminded me he suggested us buying them digitally five years ago.

I don’t know if it’s really been that long ago but I remember him saying it and I didn’t agree with him. The hard copy I would buy would be a setwith DVD/Blu-ray/Digital copy on UltraViolet. The down size is I would never remember to use the code before it would have expire. Then the other day I got an email from UltraViolet informing me it would shut this service down. I must of at least did one code because why else do they have my email address. Patrick pointed out back then it wasn’t what I thought it was because we didn’t own the movie by using this service. I didn’t take the time to do my research or even really use the service. Now I am on this get rid of stuff kick. I want to get rid of all the hard copies of my movies and tv shows. I have a few shows I like to turn on while I cook or work on a project that doesn’t require me reading.

He kept the conversation light by laughing about these facts we could have been doing this the whole time. I told him I agreed, and I apologized that I didn’t listen to him back then. I then said with a laugh I had issues I had to work through. I was keeping it light but there is a lot of truth behind this statement. I pride myself with how big my movie collection was, and I always found joy in finding a great deal. I worked hard on the collection we owned and I wanted everyone to see it. Now don’t ask me how often we would watch these movies. I still watch my tv shows so they have been worth every penny we have spent. I plan to convert these into digital copies. I hope with time they will offer a compete series instead of buying every season by itself. One show I like will cost $350 dollars to get in digital form. I wish I would have listened to him because if we would have brought the movie over time we wouldn’t feel this urge to buy all of them now.

Here is another example of my own boxed in mindset. I didn’t want to listen or even consider doing something differently. I had pride in something I didn’t even realize until years later. I cut down a lot of DVD’s before we moved and since we were here; I have touched the Pixar movies, Harry Potter, a few Marvel movies, a handful of classic Disney movies, and a few of my tv shows. I believe we could get rid a good amount still and over time that will be the plan. I am sorry that I didn’t listen to him because he has been striving to downsize for years but it was me who didn’t want to hear it. I guess it’s better to start now than to never see the problem. 

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