Decompress and Hormones

Spring is finally here and I’m enjoying the warm air by sitting outside wrapped in a blanket. What a great way to decompress from the weekend. My mother came to visit for four days. When she comes, I get a break from doing the everyday mom responsibilities. I take care of the boys 90% of the time because of my husband work schedule. During my mothers visit she helped me switch our bedroom with our son’s bedroom. Our goal is to move in September, now if we cannot move we can put all three kids in the same room. This project was a pain in the butt since I’m pregnant. I forgot all about P3 loft bed and how much of a pain it is to take apart and put back together. I began the moving process Thursday evening which I successfully took apart the queen-size bed but had to stop on P3’s bed. I ended up hurting myself three different times on that bed. The dresser got removed from the bedroom on Friday morning to the living room, waiting for its new owner. I successfully got all our clothes in the closet. During taking down the bed and getting hurt I realized how hormonal I have been during the week.


(The drill was locked)

In moving P3’s bed and having him have a meltdown over us moving his bed. In the middle of putting the bed back together my 8-month-old was getting tired and needed to nap. I got overwhelmed with the mess and having to finish moving all the big pieces. In the afternoon my husband and I had an appointment to find out the gender of the baby and I decided I would do the same thing to the boys’ clothes by getting rid of the dresser. I ended up at Target before the appointment and realized the piece I wanted to buy was no longer produce, leaving me to find another way to move the boys’ clothes. The trip to the ultrasound ended up putting me in another hormonal swing and I’ll spare you the details. Once we got the results, we took it to the bakery and headed to dinner to our favorite Asian restaurant. If the stress of switching rooms wasn’t enough, everyone in the house was sick or getting sick. I joked that the house was trying to kill us.


Saturday came, and we headed to breakfast, the bakery, and a friends’ house where we would cut the cake on social media LIVE. My husband and I assumed we would have another boy, and we were right. Three boys we’re well on our way to a house full of boys. The following day my mother stayed until noon. Once she left I was tired, not feeling good, and overwhelmed with the state of the house. There was so much to do but the boys needed to nap and I was having a hard time standing for a long period. I was procrastinating when I realized that I needed to go to the store and get food for the week. One more thing to add to my already long list of things to do:

Unload the dishwasher
Load the dishwasher
Clear the table
Put away the food
Throw out trash
Rinse out the recycling
Put a child to bed
Pick up around the house
Move items to the car
Put my car back
Take care of the dog
Take care of dirty clothes
Clean up fallen food and high chair  

The desire to do anything on the list was not there, and I knew I needed to get back into my normal routine. If I didn’t have to babysit, I would ignore it all. I didn’t want to put my child to bed because the boys are sharing a room. P3 cries 90% of the times when we put him to bed. I had a bad momma moment tonight: I let him stay up way past his bedtime. When I finally put him down, he cried and woke up the 8-month-old. When I got downstairs, my husband was asleep on the couch when he woke up and told me they were both crying. I snapped at him and told him I knew, by the time I got a bottle ready they both were no longer crying. I hate wasting formula but this was icing on the cake since I turned on the bottle machine without a bottle earlier that day and I knocked over another bottle while trying to put the nipple on. I finally kicked myself into gear and did all the things I needed to do. Since my husband fell asleep on the couch without me making it I will have to just lay down with a pillow and a blanket. I’m too tired to fight him to put the sheets on the couch. Thanks to not feeling well I will not be having a piece a cake with ice cream. This makes a hormonal and tired momma sad.  I ended my weekend by taking time to write a blog which helps me to decompress from life. Hopefully this week will be a good one.

IMG_7473.HEIC copy


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