Woodland Themed Baby Shower

Woodland Themed Baby Shower

“It’s A Boy” Banner: I used the Cricut to cut out the triangles, letters, and fox.

Center Pieces: I used the Cricut to cut out the woodland animals. I glued the animals to a wooden dowel (Walmart). I bought four silver plates (Walmart), flower foam (Dollar Tree), fake greens (Dollar Tree), and fake moss (Dollar Tree). I borrowed the cut wooden log rounds and returned them after the party. I used the wooden rounds throughout the room for additional decorations.

Food Table Decorations: I grabbed random objects in the room to create the two brown structures. I then used the wooden rounds to display the food at different heights along the table. I asked my mother to collect wooden figurines and stuffed animals to use as additional decorations.

Cupcakes: Typically when I put together a gathering I will provide the food. During this event I reached out to a few of the guest who asked to help provide food. Lauren made the cupcakes, she made caramel-apple flavored, chocolate, and vanilla.

Owl Veggie Tray: Grape tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, celery, peppers, and dip.

Hedgehog Cheese ball: Cheese (store bought), Almonds, and Crackers

Kid Corner: We welcomed children to attend; when space is available, I provide an area for children. I created two kids zones: Baby Corner and Kids Table. Baby Corner had a variety of toys I kept in my office. Kids Table had coloring books with crayons (they could take home) and beads to make a bracelet.

Envelope Station: This is a great idea to help mom send out Thank-you cards quickly by providing the envelope for each guest to fill out with their own address.

Guest Sign In: A token for the mom to keep from her shower. I provided a frame with a tree. Each guest was to use their thumb print to add “leaves” to the tree and write their name inside the thumb print. I created this document on the computer.

Favors: Inside the small paper bags was trail mix. I bought the ingredients at a local discount store and created the mix. (Nothing was expired)

Baby Shower Game – “Don’t Say Baby”: When the guests arrived they were to take a clothes pin and wear it. Throughout the party, no one was allowed to say the word “baby”. If someone heard you, then they could steal your clothes pin.

Prizes: On the table in between the trail mix and envelopes are the prizes that were given away during the games. These items were bought at a local discount store and a few were leftover from a pervious shower. Side note: I keep a bin with these type of items on my craft shelf. I found most of these items for under $2.00.

baby shower jungle 1

Baby Shower Game – “The Price is Right”: When hosting a baby shower, one of my gifts to the mother is the items that go with the game “The Price is Right”. I created the labels on the computer. I used gift boxes I had leftover from Christmas. I gave the participants a piece of paper where they have to write how much each item cost in the store. We allow no phones to be used during the game. The person who does not go over the total cost of all items wins the game. If one item is lower than what they wrote on the paper the participate can not include that item in their total.

Items Provided: Bottle, Rattle, Hangers, Changing Table Cover, Diapers, Board Book, Spoons, Wipes, Lotion, and a Rubber Duck.

I store the tags and boxes in a container I created for future events.



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