Toddler Moment #3

Toddlers are mini human that are clones of you and/or their father. They have all the good and the bad qualities you have shown throughout your life. It’s exciting to see these tiny human understanding their world around them. Then there are those moments when you think you gave birth to an alien. When I look at my child, I see my bloodline. I look at him and he is me because of his eyes. I love him to the moon and back but today has been one of those days.

Toddlers are irrational being on any day but throw in being sick for four days then you have official given into a terrorist that lives in your home. Ok I know that was harsh and they aren’t but trying to keep a sick toddlers content has proven to be more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. 

I had high hopes for today. This morning was the first morning he didn’t have a fever, and he was happy. He came down and played. He wouldn’t stop talking with is a clear sign he is feeling better. He is coughing and his nose is running, despite those signs I have high hope he is getting better. Then after an hour the whining began and the irrational toddler has returned. I am sick and his brother went to the doctor this morning to find out he has bronchiolitis again. It’s been four days of not being able to take anything that would truly help and trying to keep the boys content. By the time I put him down for his nap (which he is still awake) I have had it. Here are an example of the conversations we have had today: 

P: I want to watch Finding Nemo 

M: Ok, I will let you watch it but wait I’m working on something (The movie is on my computer)

This continues off and on and finally I’m tired of saying the same thing repeatedly. I stop what I’m doing and give him the movie. Now mind you he is watching a show on the tablet and he is on his third show, since he couldn’t decide what he wanted to watch.

P: I want to watch Spiderman 

M: No, you said you wanted to watch Finding Nemo (Thinking you haven’t stop talking about Finding Nemo for the 30 minutes)

P: I want to watch Spiderman 

M: Fine (Put Spiderman on) 

P: I want to watch Planes 

M: No you asked to watch Spiderman 

P: I want to watch Planes 

M: Fine. (Put on planes)

P: NOOOOOO I want to watch Spiderman 

M: Child I am not doing this with you (I am because I haven’t taken the computer away). I will put Spiderman on and if you turn it off you’re done with the computer. 

He finally leaves the movie on. 

P: I want a sandwich 

M: Ok, give me a moment. (I am sitting in the kitchen because I was having a crash because I forgot to eat a snack.) 

P: Mommy, I want a sandwich. 

M: I am getting you a sandwich. 

Before getting him a sandwich I go upstairs to get a child and when I come back downstairs, he is standing in the living butt naked. 

M: Why are you naked?

P: I’m naked! (then he runs around in a circle, laughing) 

M: Were is your diaper? 

P: It fell off 

M: Go get me another diaper 

P: (Continues to run around and then goes to watch Spiderman) 

I get a diaper on him and go to make his sandwich. I give him his sandwich. (He hears that I got the chips down for my salsa) 

P: I want chips….I want chips… I want chips… I want chips 

M: I heard you, give me a moment to get into the living room (our table is in the same space) 

I give him chips and sit down to eat my food. I open the salsa. 

P: I want salsa 

M: Ok, give me a moment 

P: (Gets down with his sandwich)

M: (I get up and put salsa on a chip to put on his plate)

P: I DON’T WANT SALSA (cries) 

He gets down and stops eating his sandwich. This morning I gave him breakfast with fruit. He barely touches it and after it sits on the table for 1 1/2 hours, because I am having a hard time getting motivated since I still don’t feel good. I clean it up and he freaks out and yells “I NEED TO EAT”. Clearly, since you ate your breakfast that has been sitting here all morning.

Now it’s finally time for him to take a nap. 

M: Please turn off the movie it’s time for nap. 

P: No it’s not time for a nap 

M: Do you want run or do you want mommy to carry you? 

P: No I want to walk 

M: Ok, walk 

P: No, I want to run

M: Ok, run

P: No, I want to walk

M: Child, I’m about to carry you. 

He gets off the couch and “runs” to the gate. I do not know if he will have a nap today. I finally unplugged the monitor because he was asking for his father which is something I can’t provide (working) and he is prolonging going to sleep. He will be fine in his bed for an hour even if he doesn’t take a nap. We both need a break from one another. I keep telling his brother he will be the good one and not act like this. Mind you he is 8 months old and has no idea what I’m saying.


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