Working towards…

I am in a place in my life I want to do SOMETHING.

  • I want to be working towards something.
  • I want to be creating something.
  • I want to be setting goals and achieving them.
  • I want to be discipline.
  • I want to be a good mom.
  • I want to be a wife that loves her husbands.
  • I want to be a good steward with my time and money.
  • I want to be a passionate person.
  • I want to be a good friend.
  • I want to be a person who people gravitated towards.
  • I want a fresh start.

I am longing to do something with my life and be working towards something that will be beneficial for my personal life and my family’s life.

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How can I make money?
Dreaming isn’t the issue, it’s taking the first step.

  • Writing a non-fiction book
    • I have something that’s worthy to share, right?
  • Writing a fiction book
    • Research, research, and more research.
  • Teacher Resources
    • How do I create the resources and make it affordable for teachers and still make a profit?
  • Preschool Activities Bag
    • Providing hands-on activities for a stay at home moms.
  • Indoor Playground
    • The husband and I have an idea to make it different but the startup cost is $250,000.
  • Party Planning
    • Would creating low budget parties package be profitable and worth of my time?
  • Master Degree
    • Education? Business? Leadership? Basket weaving? Only going back if I can pay out of pocket.
  • Realtor
    • I dreamt I was working towards my license. Not really a life goal but considered it for a moment.
  • Notary
    • 400 dollars to start, set own hours, no reason to not at least try.
  • Spices Supplies
    • Tired of storing spices I only use once in a while. Just need a tablespoon? teaspoon? Why not a store where you can come and measure out your own?
  • In Home Daycare
    • Only when we have a house, but do I even want to do this anymore? It would be good money but am I having a quarter life crisis I don’t want to work with kids anymore?

There are so many people out in the world who takes leaps, fail, take another leap, fail, take another leap, getting something started, takes another leap, and at some point they become successful for a time.

One thing I have noticed that people able to at least an attempt has a good support system. Look at your friends and you will know where you are headed. The harsh reality is I whole heartily agree. I have spent years with a variety of friends and all we have really done is to help each other get through day by day.

Where does one person find friends who will motivate and inspire? Who will believe in your dreams? Who isn’t afraid to take a leap?

If you know please give me the secret of your wisdom!!!

I have wasted so much of my time doing things that did not matter in the long run. We have pictures of all the events and it was fun, but it was pointless. I found joy in those moments but I wish I would have put more time in creating things that would have benefited my own goals. Working on skills that would be helpful and possibly someday bring in additional income. I had to learn this the hard way. I have taken a lot of time to mull over past friendships. I need to surround myself with people who are go-getters but also know that there is more to life than just achieving life goals.

What have you wanted to do?
Who in your life is challenging you?
Who do you need to remove from your life?
Have you brought extra money into the house that does not require you to be a part of a direct sale company?

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