The Right Step

It’s a nice feeling when you come to realized you have taken the right steps when you were just winging it. This happened twice over the last week. I read an article about writing a blog and the author suggested getting a domain and not to use the free version. I wish I could tell you I did this because I knew this simple fact because I’m “that” smart. I did it because I wanted to add videos and I had to upgrade the account. Now I’m in the mist of my blog, I wish I would have taken the time to read blogs about this topic. I would have gotten a discount if I would have used their code. Here is a good example of why we should take “some” time before taking a leap. Knowing my reputations I feared if I kept pushing it off I wouldn’t get around to writing my blog. I already took a few months collecting stories and doing videos in hope to publish a “real” blog. I am taking into consideration some points that are being made in the articles I am reading. This has caused me to add a few things and go back to past post and revise the original texts.

I read the book “On Writing” by Stephen King. I have listened to over half the book in a day. One part of the book he talks about how if you want to be a writer you need to read and write a lot. I smiled as I listened because this was the realization I had last year. Which is why I am jumping in to read as many books as I can; King also shared how he reads anywhere from 70 to 80 books a year. Yikes! I am shooting for 35 for this year but writing isn’t my life. I do not know if writing will ever become my life but hearing his words made me feel inspired. I am not striving to be a fictional writer but I want to write. I know if I ever wanted to write a fictional book I would need to read the genre. I am working on reading books about writing. If you have never read King’s book about writing. I would advise you to do so because he is honest and to the point. I don’t want to go into great details about the book but he addresses an issue I am having with my writing. I use a program that helps me to proof my writing. It keeps telling me I need to revise the way I am writing certain sentences. I did not really understand but King addresses this issue. Now I will take the time to research and retrain myself to not write in this style.

What have you done and later found out that other people have done the same thing? What steps are you taking towards your goals?


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