Slow Down Momentum

When I started this blog, I was on a roll downsizing. Then over the last few weeks to a month I have slowed down and trying to keep the house organized. I feel like I have been failing but if I really think about it. I’m only failing because I am taking steps to organizing the house again. Things are out of place because I am taking the time to sort through the items. Right now in my kitchen I have an unopened Instant Pot box, a bin and a basket full of ribbon, a clean crock-pot, recycling, and a box of lime-flavored sparkling water. I have been working around these items for days. It’s causing me stress but I am focus on other things that need to get done.

I am planning on getting rid of the crock pot; I want to make a recipe in the Instant Pot but haven’t taken the time; I need to get the recycling under control on the deck so it doesn’t sit on my counter; I need to move the ribbon down to the basement (once I figure out where I’m putting it), and the water needs to go to the fridge down in the basement. Everything has a place to go but I haven’t taken the time to move them. This happens when I’m trying to do multiple things at once. I have a hard time focusing on one area.

I need to get the basement in order and I can focus on each room again. I fantasize I organize each room and everything is where it should be. I know becoming a minimalist takes time. I know once I get everything put away it’s not over. I need to continue to downsize and get rid of things. I organized the front closet about a week ago. It’s such a great feeling knowing I can open the closet and I know where to find each item. My favorite thing is the basket for my sons’ shoes. He goes into the closet and get the shoes he wants to wear. Then he will put them away most of the time.

I kicked myself in gear earlier today and took a van load to the dumpster. I got the recycling in order; I have shredded papers (4 1/2 bags full); I got rid of broken bins, and trash that has been waiting to go out (no food). I got the random clothes I found throughout the house in the correct bins and put all the bins away. I wish I could say that at least one room is in perfect order. They’re not because I need to clean up from dinner in the kitchen, the kids were playing in the living room, I finally finish switching the boys closet and all my items are on the bed, the boys room has a bin and bag I need to sort, the bathroom has things out of place, and the basement hasn’t been in order for months.

As I sit here thinking about the areas that still need to be organize I think about other areas I want to sort. I have two boxes that came from my office I need to sort through and find a place to donate all the books. I decided today I will give my mother all the movies we own expect for the kids’ movies and my tv shows. I made up a bin full of blankets down in the basement. I really need to sort through all the blankets and get rid of half of them. I have been contemplating with getting rid of some artwork I did when I was younger. I have a dresser in the boys’ room I need to clear and posted on a yard sale site. The boys’ clothes bins still need to be downsized which will happen as Z gets bigger and the new baby comes. I began the downsize process when Z was in 3 months clothes. I will spare you anymore details on the hundred things I need/want to do. I need to get focus and motivated especially since the bigger I get the more I will not want to do as much lifting and moving.

What slows down your momentum? What do you do to help you stay on tasks?

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