A Designated Location For Toys

During my process of downsizing and getting our home in order. I have allowed the toys to get out of control. I limited the amount of toys we keep in the living room because of getting rid of pieces of furniture. When I took the extra toys out I moved them to the basement and didn’t bother putting them away. I had every intention to get to them but like all things I allowed other things keep me from getting organized. I am striving to get the bedrooms and living area organized before getting to the basement. The basement has turned into a dumping ground. The good news is when I finally get to the items in the basement if it doesn’t have a home it will leave for good.

The other day my husband wanted to get his work area cleaned up, and I told him if he brings all the toys upstairs that will help get the space cleared. This was a big project and being pregnant keeps me from getting stuff done in a timely matter. Just having him bring all the bins, baskets, and bags upstairs helped get this major project finished. I brought small bins and started to organized the toys. I got rid of a few toys and a few items I was holding on to give away as gifts. I took all the toys and put them in bins with all the like items. During moving everything upstairs I could open a shelf and move a few items to another shelf.

I know this seem extreme and a lot of work for my children’s toys. I switch out the toys over time and since I babysit I do this on a regular basic. A lot of the toys we have are learning toys and different age levels. My experience as a preschool teacher can explain the truth behind all the storage bins. I love providing a preschool experience at home. When we lived in our last place I set up the living room as a preschool. I provided a quiet area with a library, imagination station, block stations, and a music station. I provided a variety of toys to help simulate his imagination. In our new place my goal is to get rid of stuff so no preschool set up.

I got all the toys put back on the shelf and now it’s all organized. Swapping toys will be a lot easier and all the toys I don’t keep in the boys’ room are in one location. This project has been weighting on me for a long time. I’m relieved to have all the toys in there right place. Now I can move on to the other items in the basement and we should finally have a cleaned and organized space.

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