Inventory Challenge


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I spent the last 15 to 20 minutes looking through my cabinet and both freezers. On Monday I went shopping for our weekly groceries when I hit the jackpot on marked down meat. I brought everything they had with no real plan on how I will use the meat. When I got home, I opened the upstairs freezer and realized once again I have forgotten about the big bag of frozen chicken my husband brought from Costco. A thought ran through my mind I really need to an inventory of what we have and use it up. Then I decided once I make the meals I planned to make this week I am going to only use what we have in the house to make meals. My goal is to get rid of everything in the freezers and cabinet. Now there will be some exception to the rules. There are items I will need to replace throughout the downsizing of inventory such as eggs, cheese, milk, and any other items we buy on a weekly or bi-weekly. When we get to the end, I may need to buy some fresh veggies so we aren’t just eating meat.

I will keep a journal about this journey and I may post once a week or wait until it’s all gone. I will hunt for recipes. I wonder if I can find an app I can put what we have and it will give me recipes. I envy those people who can open their cabinet and throw together a tasty meal. I’m not that person; I like to follow a recipe to a T the first time I make it. If the recipe is a keeper, I will alter it if I feel it needs to lose an ingredient or added. We’re sauce people and I typically always double any sauce. I used to be a food hoarder. I would pack our cabinets with a good deal of food. I typically found that I would end up giving away stuff or throwing it out. I never went without food but I found security in having more than we ever would need.

Are you or a family memeber a food hoarder? Would you take the challenge to use everything up in your cabinet and freezer? How hard would it be to get rid of everything? Why do you think you have more than you need?

Keep an eye out for an update during this process.

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