Family Fun Outdoor Event: Beach Themed

Once a year the daycare I worked at threw an event called Family Fun Night. It was an event we hosted for the families. We provided games, a bounce house, food, activities, souvenirs, and invited a local musician to perform at the end of the event. We rented a bounce house, spin art machine, snow cone machine, and provided the main dish. We asked families to bring food to share.

Beach Signs:

I made each signs and surf boards with cardboard. I used a variety of bright colors and created fun facts signs.

Seagulls: Colored print out of the birds. I cut them out and glued them to cardboard.

Life savor: Cardboard, Red Duct Tape, White Paint, and White Cord.

Activities: Seashell Painting, Spin Art, and Sand Art. The Sand Art and Seashell were the souvenir the kids got to take home.

Games: Octopus Ring Toss, Bucket Toss, and Sand Digging for Toddlers.

We borrowed beach chairs and put beach balls all over the yard.

Sunglasses: I took a box and painted it gray. I cut slices to put the sunglasses in the box. I took two boxes and covered it with gray fabric so I could display more sunglasses on the table.


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