Inventory Challenge: Update 1

A week ago I posted a blog titled Inventory Challenge my goal is to use everything up in our freezers and cabinet. I have been keeping a daily journal to document what we have been eating and which items I use. I have barely put a dent in what we have in the freezers.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 2.39.37 PM.png

The first day I made a new recipe Herb Chicken Skillet with Spinach and Tomatoes and it wasn’t bad but it’s not a keeper. I had some leftover spinach which I didn’t include in the inventory. On day three which was a Saturday as a family we walked to a grocery store and we ended up buying more items than I plan. I wanted to get tortilla shells and hard shells so I can make tacos for one meal. We ended up getting a watermelon, corn on the cob, and guacamole. I made burgers, used my Instant Pot to make the corn, and my husband cut up the watermelon. It was a delicious lunch and it really hit the spot. I used the Instant Pot as a slow cooker for the first time and made Chicken Fajita; it did not finish until late that night. I had a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup for dinner and my husband had mac and cheese for a late-night snack.

We had the chicken quesadilla for lunch on Sunday, dinner on Monday, and dinner on Wednesday. Every morning I have oatmeal and cheese. I attempted to make a new recipe for lunch on Tuesday. I found a recipe on the back of an Italian season packet for Black Bean and Rice Soup. I messed it up by adding regular brown rice instead of instant brown rice. Tuesday afternoon I went to the store to get formula and baby food. I ended up picking up another watermelon, corn on the cob, and guacamole. I would recreate the meal from Saturday but my son got hurt, and we ended up meeting my husband downtown. Our son is ok, but we ended up eating this meal for lunch the next day.

Today I made Indian Peanut Stew which includes onions, diced tomatoes, ginger (I didn’t have fresh so I used ground), garlic, and peanut butter. I am debating on making homemade noodles and homemade Alfredo sauce with chicken and broccoli. It would be the first time I made my own noodles and sauce. However, I think I will make taco’s by using a LB of ground beef and a LB of ground turkey. I found a Spanish rice recipe for the instant pot using brown rice. I found a substitute for tomato paste.

What did we do before the internet?

My biggest challenge is figuring out what to have for lunch. I typically make three big meals in the beginning of the week and draw from these meals for lunch. I do not have quick and easy items in the house so I have been finding it hard to have a hearty lunch. I think the one day I just ate crackers and a few odds and ends I could find. I watch two additional children four days during the week. This makes it hard to throw together a big meal. If I don’t have plans to make food while they are napping its hard to throw together a meal that would be consider a good choice. I am planning on making healthier choices once I’m done with this inventory clear out. I need to cut certain things out of my diet that isn’t healthy and I need to take better care of my body.
Keep an eye out for another update in a week or two.

Are you going to take the inventory challenge?
Have you ever taken the time to just come up with a last-minute meal using what you had in your home?

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