I spent my childhood watching the glowing screen. I pretended to be a Ninja Turtle, a Mermaid, and a Dinosaur. I watched Land Before Time so many times I gave everyone in my home a name. I was Sara, my grandfather was Little Foot, my mom was Ducky, and my grandmother was Spike until she was angry then I called her Sharp Tooth. My grandmother also allowed me to watch whatever she was watching during the evening. I have seen Rosanne, Coach, Cheers, Friends, Home Improvement, Seinfeld, Grace Under Fire, ER, Mad About You, Married with Children, 3rd Rock From The Sun, The Drew Carey Show, Quantum Leap, News Radio, Night Court, and all the shows on T.G.I.F. I would watch some cartoons before school and I owned every classic Disney movies. I didn’t have cable until we moved in with my stepdad. I have seen a lot of the old Nickelodeon shows such as Hey, Arnold, Rugrats, All That, CatDog, Rocko’s Modern Life (If you have seen this show you know you sang the song in your head), The Angry Beavers, Aaahh!!! Real Monster, Pete and Pete, and Doug.

A few weeks ago I thought about all the movies and televisions shows I have watched throughout my life. This is not including all the shows and movies I have re-watched. I found an app I could create a list of all the movies I have seen and I added all the movies I could remember. I ended up with 767 movies and I know the number would be larger but I took a break of trying to brainstorm. I found a website called bingeclock where I can add movies and tv shows. It will add up the time it would take to watch the shows with and without commercials and movies. I used it but I took the movies number and times it by 90 minutes. The average time for a movie is 90 minutes.

There are 525,600 minutes in a year (did you sing that part too?). When I used the bingeclock website, I got my time to close to 200 days of watching tv shows and movies. I haven’t even added half of the movies I had on my app list. I think it’s safe to say I have almost watched a whole year in movies and tv shows. The average lifespan is 78.7 years. I found another article that broke down an entire lifespan into tasks. Now you can debate the information in the article but I found the concept interesting.

I’m not including all the time I have to spend on-line since I was a teenager and getting my first laptop in college. It has consumed my life. I didn’t get a smart phone until my husband and I got married. This also does not include all the video games I played as a child, teenager, young adult, and even now. I will confess I played Year 1-4 and Year 5-7 Harry Potter Lego on the Switch. I already beat these games on PS3 but I had a desire to play them again. I have spent too much time on the Sims throughout my life and now I have access to games I never got to play or finish as a child.

P30 21

I’m a completionist so when I start a game I have to finish it and collect EVERYTHING! I got addicted to W.O.W. and lets not get into all the flash game I have had on my phone. My husband will often bring up my “Tiny Tower” addiction. I played it so much that I completed it before they added more levels. It was bad, and I took a long time to delete it off my phone. I have only paid for extra on a flash game twice so when I play a flash game I have to wait for things to restock which limits my time in one sitting. I believe Tiny Tower is the only flash game I played until the “end”.


I’m not a lazy person and I have worked throughout my young adult life. I got a degree and an associate degree. When I’m doing a job, I do it well and it shows. I have planned parties, thrown parties, planned big events, help take care of kids over the years, take care of a home, and I’m raising two beautiful boys. I know my life has not been a complete waste, but it’s hard to not feel this way after testing how much time I have wasted by watching media. Oh! Let’s not forget all the 3 to 5 minutes videos I have watched on YouTube over the last five years. I feel you get the point I have wasted a lot of my life in front of some form of media.

As I reflect on all this I wish I had people in my life who would encourage me to do more with my time. Over the last few years I have wanted to be a more productive person and be working towards real life goals. I looked up what it means to be a successful person. I found the picture below that compares a successful person to an unsuccessful person. I printed out the picture and put it on my fridge a few years ago.

successful unsuccessful people

The thing that has always stuck out is the Read Every day compared to Watching Tv Every day. A few weeks ago I came watched TV Shows and Movies after taking time off for over 40 days. During that time I listened to many books and even read a few. I did not delete YouTube off my phone, and I allowed myself to watch clips, which I know was cheating on some level. I know I don’t fit all the items listed on the unsuccessful person but I feel I relate more to that than the successful person. I NEED this to change in my life. I’m not making excuses for all the time I have spent in this area of my life. I’m the person who can have the TV on and get a project done. None of the projects I have done have done anything more than bring joy at the moment. I am working on a change and will share in a few weeks.

How many movies have you seen?
How many shows have you watched?
If you haven’t really watched a lot of movies/tv shows what do you do with your time?

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