Fall Creations


My favorite season is Summer but I enjoy decorating for Fall.

Mason Jars Decorations:

The apartment complex we lived in had individual doors into each apartment. We lived on the second floor and placed a mason jar on each step. The phase was “Give Thanks”. I used card stock to create a square where I cut two slits on the side. I fed ribbon through to attach it to the jar. I ripped cream colored paper to create a torn look for the second layer. I used gold sticker letters to spell out the phase.

Light Switch Cover:

I brought a new cover to replace the light switch cover during the fall seasons. I used card stock paper to cover the cover. I used mod podge to glue all items. I had pre-cut paper leaves I got from Michael’s and I added words by using small letter stamps.

Thankful Tree:

I collected sticks and added them to a mason jar. I created a leave template and traced it onto multiple color card stocks. I cut out the leaves and placed them near the tree. When friends would come to visit during the fall seasons, I had them write out what they were thankful for and we would read it at an event we hosted called “Pre Thanksgiving”.

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