Pick A Post and Finish It!

I have 14 (not including this one) post I started and have yet to finish. I start a post and then I can’t finish because of other reasons. I’ll go back to the post and I can’t remember what the point I was trying to make. I am striving to write a post every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I have fallen behind and I have so many posts that are waiting to be finished I don’t even know where to start. Before I started to write this post I was working on one about having passion, even if it’s a thing that most people would consider weird. I am also thinking about posting about how my child longs to have friends (he is soon to be 3) but there will be children who don’t like him. This makes my heart hurt just thinking about it but I think a big reason is because of the crazy hormones.

Here are a few of the titles I have started but have not finished; “Heart Condition”, “Mean Mommy”, “Eating In All The Wrong Ways”, “Labels”, “Cardboard Mail Box”, and Taking Steps Towards Minimalist”.

The other day I spent the whole evening looking for old pictures of projects I have done for my Creative Post that I post on Wednesday. Then I downloaded a software to add a filter to the pictures. I didn’t take very artsy pictures when I was doing the projects. I found some projects, but I didn’t take step by step or I couldn’t find a finish photo of the finished project. That’s a big reason I haven’t posted the Cardboard Mail Box. I can’t find the picture of the grass added to the bottom of the mailbox. I no longer have access to the finish product so until I find one it will sit in the draft section.

I am finding myself falling into the mindset of feeling like this is pointless and a waste of time. Then I have to remember that I started this to give myself a creative outlet. I’m not doing it for anyone but myself. No one cares if I don’t post every week but I care because I feel I have no reason I can’t have post scheduled to post ahead of time. I have things I want to share since I have 14 post in the draft section. I just have to get focus and finish them. I often wonder if I have ADD with how distracted I get and how I have a hard time getting back on track. I am sitting at the park while Z is sitting on a blanket playing with toys and P3 is following a little girl around because he wants to play with someone.

As I sit here I am thinking about other posts, I want to write. Here are a few ideas: Early Intervention, Being Your Child Biggest Advocate, Finally Saying Goodbye To Media, Deep Cleaning, Purpose, Updated Inventory, How Does An Adult Make Friends?, and How I Don’t Want To Start Potty Training. While I am trying to finish this post my soon to be 11-month-old has got off the blanket and is attempting to move onto the cement. I should get him before he hurts himself. Now my soon to be 3-year-old is screaming because I told him to stop going the direction he was heading. He listened and headed back towards me. I think I may have figured out why a lot of my post don’t get finished. I’m a mother of two who need my attention. I will get caught up and maybe ahead one day. Today may be that day once the boys go down to bed maybe it won’t.

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