Music has been a part of life since the beginning of time. Do you know of anyone who takes their music seriously? I mean they are so saturated in music that if you speak against what they listen to they take great offense. I have had friends who will take songs and make up lyrics and it just annoys another person. They take it personally like they are insulting their being. Why does peoples react this way? As I am typing this post, I have music playing in the background. I can only take so much music before I would rather sit in silence than listen to another song. I have not been a big music person. Over the years I have put some thought towards why I am not a big music person. I often write it off because I have a hearing lost and I just don’t appreciate it like other people.

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I rarely find an artist I like where I will commit to listening to their whole album. I have gotten caught up in the one-hit wonders but when I go listen to the rest of the album; I am often disappointed. I have found myself that if I listen to a song, I often am driven to find out what the meaning is behind the song. I remember the first time I heard Brittany Spears song “If You Seek Amy” and I knew immediately that there had to be a hidden message behind the song. The song made little sense, so it had to mean something that most people may not even noticed. I read a blog about a mom who heard their child singing the song and it hit her what the song meant. Just in case you have not taken the time to know the hidden message in the song it is supposed to sound like Everybody Wants to F*** Me.

A few weeks ago a song came on that brought back some memories and in that moment it hit me. I am wondering if the reason I am not a big fan of music is not because of my hearing but because of the emotions that go along with a song. Think, when you hear a song can it be linked back to a memory?  When we are feeling down, we will listen to music and often we connect music to relationships. We can do this with anything but I feel that music cut deep down into a person soul. I wonder because I feel on a deep level I often try to avoid feeling a certain way. When I hear songs from the 90s, it takes me back to skating at a roller ring, listening to music in my room, and carrying around a portable cd player listening to music. I remember my mom brought me a nice portable cd player, and it fell out of my hands and broke. I was heartbroken because I rarely got items that were the top of the line.

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I have a good memory on my own that I don’t need help with music to go back in time and remember a negative feeling. I am not a fan of love songs because I feel they just set you up for unrealistic expectation. The only song I can remember that has been linked to my husband was “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. Right before he left for four months as I was pregnant with our first son, we laid in bed just holding one another listening to this song. Last year I would hear this song and it brought me to sadness because a memory that should have been a nice one was turned into a sad and lonely memory. I have spent a lot of times listening to worship music and even now it is hard to listen to certain songs that does not take me back to some powerful emotions.

I do not know if I will take more times to figure out my distaste or disinterest in music but it is another thing to consider. I want my boys to be exposed to a variety of music and I have to remember to put a variety of music on each day. I know that when we hear about the type of music, a person listens too we will place them in a category. We typically believe people who listen to classical music are intelligent and/or a book nerd.

“Research shows that listening to music can raise dopamine levels, and multiple studies have found that listening to classical music can be a valuable tool in treating depression. So, listening to classical music while you study won’t literally make you smarter, but you’ll feel better while doing it.” Can Classical Music Help You Study? 

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I quickly did a search because I have heard that listening to classical or piano music can help you study and keep information. I haven’t taken time to research on the topic but this paragraph was enough to be intriguing. My best friend has express to me how she wish I would find joy in music because it is such a big part of her life. I have heard some music she is interested and I rarely find interest in the music. It has nothing to do with her, but it can appear I am rejecting her as a person.

“Professor Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist and composer, unpacks the mystery of the emotion in music by explaining how the brain’s emotional, language and memory centers are connected during the processing of music – providing what is essentially a synesthetic experience.”Music & How It Impacts Your Brain, Emotions

How does music affect you?
Have you put a lot of thought into why you listen to certain music?

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