Cinderelly, Cinderelly Night and day it’s Cinderelly

I do not have evil step sisters who are calling me to do more work and I don’t have talking animals as companions. I did however have a cat who would recreate the scene where Lucifer takes all the dust and knock it all over the floor. Emily the cat loved to lie in the pile of dirt and if I did not get to it in time, she would have it all over the place.  What I do have is a house that demands my attention and two little boys who need me to take care. Now there are times my 3-year-old demands for me to do things for him or when I tell him to do something he tells me no you do it. I am the sole cleaner of the house and mostly I do not mind. It is the additional things that happen that cause me to grow weary.


A big culprit of this is the DOG. It is li having another child that DOES NOT listen or does anything to help. I don’t know how many times I have had to clean up water throw up because he drank too fast. I have had to clean pee way too many times off the carpet. I let him out the other day, and the door was open for him to go outside. When I came up, he started to pee right by the door. I should have just let him finish because the way I reacted created a bigger issue than cleaning up one spot. I go mad and thought he would run outside, but he ran the other direction. There was PEE EVERYWHERE! Lines of pee on the carpet, spots in the kitchen, and more on the small rug by the door. I was about to go to bed when I was letting him out one more time. I ended up having to spend a lot of time cleaning it all up. Then he has had some issues that has caused him to have diarrhea too many times to count. When I got home from a four-day trip, I had to put him outside because he had another accident before I got home. I’m tired of cleaning up after the dog.


Then there are other factors you don’t expect such as things spilling in the fridge. I used to be so anal about our fridge and I would clean it once a month. Now I have kids I don’t do it as often as I used to, but it still needs to be done. We have two fridge right now and one upstairs needs a good wipe down. It shouldn’t take long and be too hard since the sink is right there. Now the last time my husband was home he informed me that a can of soda has exploded in the fridge downstairs. I don’t use that fridge so I’m rarely in it. The back of the fridge must get to cold and it froze a can. What I should of did was go downstairs and move all the cans away from the back of the fridge. I went to put some extra beverages in the fridge and that’s when I discovered another can of soda has exploded. I have to make time to take all the beverages out and carry all the shelves and drawers upstairs to wash them by hand. Then I have to get inside the fridge and do a hard clean. This will take me at least an hour.

Our carpet in the living room needs a good scrub with the dog and all the kids there are spots everywhere. I hate it every time I pick the toys up and the carpet is vacuum it still looks bad. I want to get a hand carpet cleaner and not rent one of those rug doctors. I need to clean the walls from where my child had drawn on the wall with a pencil and use a magic eraser to get rid of the marks from the cars that was run across the wall. I need to go out on the deck and get rid of all the recycling that has been piling up. The dog gets into it and chews on the containers if he is outside too long. I need to scrub the deck with cleaner so I can let the kids go out and play. I honestly do not mind cleaning the house but the one area I HATE to clean is not what you would normally think. I know most people say they hate cleaning the toilet I actually would rather clean the toilet than the bathtub. I can not tell you why I hate it but I do. I would pay someone every week to come and clean the tub.


When you’re a stay at home mom, it may feel like all you do is clean. I have daily things I have to do to keep up with the house. Cleaning off the table after each meal, wiping down the counters after each meal, keeping the sink clear of dirty dishes, picking up the living room a few times a day, picking up toys in other areas of the house, making sure all the dirty clothes are in the right location, clean up any spills that happen, and I should really sweep every day. As I sit here finishing up this post, I have a list of things I need to do. I have to pick up the food that was dropped on the floor; I have to wipe the table, clean the trays of the high chair, clean up my dishes from lunch, pack up the containers of food that no longer have food inside them, and clear off the counter from prepping lunch. I should also do another sweep and put away some toys on the floor.

Oh, lets not forget keeping the car clean!!!


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