Cardigan count…

I tried to fix the video, so it doesn’t open with that face but I could not get it to work. Oh well, months ago I posted a blog when I was downsizing all our clothes and I posted a video. I mention how I was avoiding my cardigans. I know I have a problem and at some point I would have to downsize. I finally took the time, and I had…


I downsized to 10 and I know that is still a big number for one person. Baby steps!!! I kept one that I am not sure if I will wear but I will see if I will this winter. If not, then I will get rid of it at the end of the season. I downsized so much clothes months ago but I ended up having two large bags of clothes between all four of us. I switched out clothes for the youngest and I started to downsize the bins I haven’t gotten to which is partly why we have two bags. I even downsized my husband clothes even more and I know there are more clothes to get rid of in my summer bin. I haven’t touched it since I’m pregnant. One more step of getting rid of stuff.

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