How Do You Make Friends As An Adult?

Right now I only have one close relationships and when this person is unavailable I am left with having no one to speak to throughout the week. I have been putting a lot of thoughts of making friends. I have had a lot of friends throughout my life. I want to make new friends but I honestly do not understand how to make a new friend. When you’re in high school, you see the same people every day and when you’re in college you are stuck on the same campus so spending time together is easier than it is as an adult. When you work with other people, you can make a few friends but most of the time you don’t want to mix your personal life with your professional.

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My question is how does a stay-at-home mom with two boys make friends? Then the thing that is really discouraging is that making a friend takes time. I mean at least making a healthy friendship takes time. How long does it take for a person to go from being acquaintances to friends? When do you invite a person to your home? How long do you wait until you invite them over for dinner? Are there “test” you do to make sure the person is trustworthy? What things make a person want to be your friend? When do you decide that I will not consider the person you have been investing in a friend?

What if you are in the middle of a trying to figure out who you are? Do you bother making friends? There is a part of me that wants to run away from the things I used to love. I am thinking about writing about how I just want to turn away from all things linked to my past. Is this a healthy response? I don’t think but it is something I would address in another post. Find a common ground, right? What if you’re not sure what common grounds you may hold? When meeting someone new you have the freedom to share what you want. I was talking to my BF about volunteering at a church. Going to a new place where no one knows you is nice because I do not have to tell them my history with working with kids. It will most likely come out at some point but if I would get involved, I don’t know if I would want to be a part of the kids ministry. I want to try something new and be more involved in other areas. I fear that I will end up going back to what I have always known even though I have a desire to try something new.

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I was listening to a sermon lately, and the speaker talked about the time where they lost all their friends. It was one of their most lonely time in their life and that is how I feel right now. Let me stop for a moment and say I’m not complaining or playing the WHOO is me card. I’m content with being where I am in life but the questions I asked at the beginning of this post still stands. How does a person make friends? I know a group of ladies who called themselves “The Tribe”. There are at least five families who are all friends and there were many people jealous of this group of friends. It’s easy to be jealous of their friendships but it took them years to get to this place. I hope one day to have my own “tribe”. I do not know when that will happen or how long it will take to find a group of a woman to become friends with but I have high hopes. Right now as I type this I have to put the idea of making a friend on hold because my life is changing a lot.

New baby, new location, and a whole new adventure.

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