Cookies: Fudge-Mallow Topped Cookies

Fudge-Mallow Topped Cookies

During the Christmas holiday I make up to seven different cookies for people. This recipe is one of the few recipes I have made over the last 8 years. It’s time-consuming, but it’s the biggest hit. I always double the cookie recipe and triple the chocolate frosting.


  1. I used a glass I spray with cooking spray I dip into a bowl of sugar to smash down the ball of dough.
  2. I put the marshmallow in a bowl (do not keep it near the oven). When it’s time to add the marshmallow, I like to get them back in the oven quickly.
  3. I leave the cookies out for a few hours if not overnight to let the chocolate fudge topping harden
  4. I still haven’t figured out a clean way to add the sprinkles. Add the sprinkles right away.
  5. When storing I would add a layer of the cookies to the container and put wax-paper on top so the next layer will not stick to the top of the cookies.


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