Falling Backwards

I have fallen back into wasting time again. I am not proud of it and as I sit here looking at stuff on social media (yes; I reactivated it and plan to shut it down once we move) I am reminded of how much time I have wasted in my life. I am back to wasting time and I am what you would consider a causal gamer. I have wasted time playing a variety of different video games but I am not a gamer like Codex from the Guild. My husband has been home a little more, and he has been playing Destiny (after months of not being able to play). It made me want to play a game especially since I am just waiting for this baby to come. I took off all the flash games off my phone and I have not downloaded one since then.

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 12.07.45 AM.png

My best friend told me about a few months ago she started to play WOW with her brother and that made me want to play again. Then after watching my husband play his game, I REALLY wanted to play a game. He informed me you can play WOW for free but did not have all the details on what that meant. I looked into it and opened a new account. It’s been years since I have played that I have no idea what my username used to be or what email I have used. I found my husband lap desk, a wired mouse, and downloaded the game onto my computer. I began to play as a human hunter. They have changed the games over the years and I know it does not take as much time to get to level 20 as it used too. I only allowed myself to play at night before bed but the last few days I have allowed myself to get on a few times throughout the day.

photo of person typing on computer keyboard
Photo by Soumil Kumar on Pexels.com

I flew through and got to level 20 pretty quickly. I then paid for ONE month subscription so I could continue to level up and waste even more time.  Now I have allowed myself to “watch” Eureka again. I often have it on when I’m cooking, cleaning, and now playing WOW. It’s just noise in the background but that mean no more audiobooks. I have made myself listen to sermons because that is very important to me. I have not read one of my books in weeks, mostly because I put them in the hospital bag thinking I would of have gone into labor already. I do not plan on taking my computer to the hospital so I need to have other media to “entertain” me once the baby joins our family on the outside. I have done no studying in weeks and that is not just because I played WOW. Bad habits are REALLY hard to break. I got off of the game and felt inspired to write on here. I guess that is a small step in the right directions.

What have you cut out of your life and fell back into it?

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