1st and 3rd Birthday Party: Lion and Transportation Themed Decorations

We held two themed at one birthday party.  P3’s party was a transportation party and Z’s First Birthday Party was a lion party.

The Lion Themed Tables:
Green Table Clothes (Walmart)
Fern Leaves (Dollar Tree)
Burlap Runner (Walmart)

Tip: There was four other parties at the same park and the one party tied the table clothes at the corner which worked so much better than tape.

Ballon Center Pieces:
Light Blue, Orange, and Light Green Balloons
Balloon Sticks
Green Container
Flower Green Foam
Tissue Papers
(I folded the paper together to make a tissue ball)

Happy Birthday Sign Leaves:
I used the Cricut to cut out the leaves, the circles, and the letters for the sign. I hot glued the leaves onto the ribbon.

First Year Banner:
I used the Cricut to cut the brown square, the leaves, and the numbers. I printed the pictures out at Walmart.

One Year High Chair Banner:
Cloth (Walmart)
Twine (Walmart)
Burlap (Walmart)
I painted a crown and the ONE onto the burlap piece I cut off the roll for the runners. I hot glue the piece onto the twine. I tied the variety of cloth squares I brought at Walmart.

The Transportation Themed Tables:
Black Table Clothes (Walmart)
Yellow Duct Tape (Walmart)
Orange Cones (Dollar Tree)
Trucks (Grandma)

Happy Birthday Sign Airplanes:
I used the Cricut to cut out the letters, clouds, the airplanes, and the banners. I used a flag image that I order off the website.

Parking Meter:
My mother found a decoration for Easter and she painted it make the parking meter fit our themed.

Other Decorations:
Caution Tape (Walmart)
Green Streams (Dollar Tree & Walmart)
Vines (Dollar Tree)
Leaves (Cut them out by using the Cricut)

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