Beginner Minimalist Frustrations

I am confident if I would look up this topic I will find other people who share the same concerns and frustration. I feel that I should at least put it out there but I really appreciate all the hard work that others have done. I do not want to seem that I am selfish or ungrateful.

How does a person who is striving to downsize their life get it across to other people in their life that they do not want extra stuff? I have two people in my life that I know if I ask them for help they will go above and beyond. I am getting to a point where I would rather not ask for help so I don’t offend them. I know I need to not care but I would like for them to understand instead of avoiding the topic. Yet, I know that if I attempt to tell them, they will not listen and/or understand.

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Once I stop dragging my feet (ok I know be kind I’m pregnant, taking care of two boys by myself, and need as much rest as I can get) I got this place in order. While I was cleaning up, I came across extra stuff and I tried to get it across that I only needed the amount I was asking. I feel bad on one level because they did it and it’s not that I don’t appreciate it. I just find it stressful when I have to figure out what to do with the extras. I will send them to the person because I don’t have a place to store them, don’t want to throw them out, and don’t have the time to sell them. I know it’s not a big deal, but it causes me stress. I am left with the choice to either throw it out or store it, neither of those things I want to do.

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While I was cleaning, I discover an item that could be helpful but I know I will never remember to use them. I found four unopened packs of toilet seat covers. I understand why they were left for me because I could put them in the diaper bag but I know I will never remember to use them. Then I have to store the other ones, which once again causes me stress. I am striving so hard to not store so much stuff but here is an item that can be helpful. Not that long ago where I would of gladly kept those items and put them in the bathroom. I would have found pride having such a useful item and had ever the intention to use them. Then I would of never used them and they would be packed away in a box to the next location. I have still done this with my money but I am trying so hard to break this habit.

The other day I was at a discounted store and I almost brought sanitary wipes but I reminded myself I would most likely never remember I had them. I still have a pile of boogie wipes that was given to my husband when Z was sick and they are in a random location. I need to put them in a ziplock baggie and do something with them. I used a few, but it’s not something I think about using. I think we get to caught up in an item but we do not stop and think about what it means to have them in our space. I finally got more vocal and turn down things that are offered to me. One person has gotten a lot better at offering me things or bringing a ton of stuff. I felt kind of bad when this person was here and they were suggesting to leave plastic ware so we had some to use. I got rid of all that stuff when we moved from our last location and I do not want to have to store it. I had to remind the person once again that I would not use it. I could tell they did not like that answer. I believe a big reason they brought this up was because they are used to having an abundant of items and they can go days without running the dishwasher. I typically run it every day to make sure we have what we need for the next day.


I am not better than them. I know this and I do not want them to think I am better than them. I also do not want them to think I’m judging them, because I am not. We all live a certain way and if it brings them joy, then that should make us happy. I dislike feeling overwhelmed and I think back to how I used to live. Having to move stuff to get to stuff and I found pride in it. Because of the layout of my kitchen I have to move the glass bowls I use for food storage to get to the few Tupperware pieces I have keep. I hate it but it really is a downgrade from what I used to store. I am nowhere near what I want to be with having a minimalist lifestyle but I’m trying. We will move and I really need to think hard about items before putting them in a box to take with us.

I know I have to get to a point that I am just honest. I also know that I need to show by example that I am no longer living a lifestyle of abundant. I am not anywhere near where I want to be and this is coming to reality as I am packing. It’s easy to fill up every bit of space you own. I still have an empty drawer in the kitchen. It’s just one small drawer but I take pride in it. I just hope I can continue down this road of getting rid of stuff and live by example. That I feel on one level will be the best way to show those in my life I am serious about downsizing.


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