1st and 3rd Birthday Party: Lion and Transportation Themed Dessert and Drink Table

We held two themed at one birthday party.  P3’s party was a transportation party and Z’s First Birthday Party was a lion party.

Dessert Table:
I used two different table clothes for both themed. I had construction themed plates, napkins, lion themed plates, and napkins. I used a black tin for the construction themed and a green tin for the lion themed to hold the silverware. We used two different cupcake trees and a cake holder.

Construction Cake:
My MIL made this cake for P3’s themed. I brought the three Matchbox cars at Walmart. She used Oreos for the “dirt”.

Lion’s Head Cake:
My MIL made this cake for Z’s themed. She used fondant for the face.

Smash Cake:
The small chocolate cake was made for Z’s smash cake.

I order 2 dozen of large cupcakes from a local grocery store bakery. I got one dozen with yellow frosting for Z’s themed. My MIL made the cupcake toppers for both themed. I got one dozen with red, yellow, and green frosting for P’s themed. Unfortunately, it was so hot that everything began to melt and no one had any cake.

Drink Table:
I did not get to decorate the table like I hoped and I did not label the containers. We offered water bottles (The Water Hole), Homemade Lemonade (Jungle Juice), Store Brought Tea (Diesel Fuel), and Punch (Anti-Freeze).

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